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Diva Cup

Package Design / Campaign

How can a menstrual cup brand support those experiencing their first period?

AD & CW : Ann Marie McCollum and Elizabeth Escott

Pre-teens don't like being reminded that they are pre-teens. We decided to go with more mature and discreet packaging for our branding.

Diva provides menstrual cups for different sizes, we decided to continue the rebrand to them all. 

diva Box Mockup (open)NEW_edited.png
diva box mockup (top view)NEW.png
diva wipes mockupNEW.png

The rebrand continues to products that accompany the cups.

In-store branding in feminine products aisle.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 10.53.05 PM.png

Not every pre-teen experiencing their period has a 'big sister' to look up to during this time. We took the opportunity to provide that in a YouTube spot.

Our audience is most likely binge watching during that time of the month, so we took the opportunity to present the brand in a Hulu ad.

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