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Silver Airways

Rebrand / Campaign

How can an airline flying to and from paradise represent their

destinations in their branding?

AD & CW : This one was all me, boys n' girls.

A facelift for their current logo paired with a new tropical color palette.

new full logo (silver).png
final color palette.png

Outside of the plane with new branding.

silver plane  (outside).png

Plane interior - cabin dims to imitate the sunset.

silver inside plane(1)_1-min.gif

Updated social to introduce new branding.

IG mockup final.png

Microsite with a page introducing Airbnb collab.

'Silver Select' is an Airbnb collab giving young travelers the chance to visit neighboring destinations at a discounted price when their Silver flight and Airbnb are booked together.


TikToks getting the word out to our target audience.

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